Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Play Ball!!!

Two cakes I did this for a 1st birthday (notice the smash cake) and another for a friend's son's Little League team party.

65th Birthday Cake

This one wa sfor my friend Elaine's Mom's 65th birthday.

Hula Cake

Frgot to post this one. I did this for a little girl's birthday poolparty with a Hawaiin Luau theme. Not bad...and the Mom loved it.

Castle Cake

This was a sort of last minute order. I had done castle cakes (a la Disney Princess theme) before but not for a boy (think Knights and Dragons). I searched the web and came across a few pictures. I think that my final version turned out pretty well. Here are a few photos. And here is a quote from the Mom of the Birthday Boy.
Patti ~

Just a quick note that everyone LOVED the cake! many many compliments on it. Evan was THRILLED. thank you sooooooo much for the hard work on somewhat short notice.